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Aug 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
, lemon, lime whatever citrus you're using. you can put that right in the bowl. what we'll do next is we're going to cut this in half. you can cut it. and then we can juice this right into the bowl. so, we're making a vinaigrette and the vinaigrette will be made. and that is it would seem like you'd want to do it that way. >> leigh: it fits in that way but then the juice might get us, huh? >> joanne: exactly. so, turn it over. >> leigh: okay, other way. >> joanne: exactly, good. listen it would seem that way to me too. but, try this you'll love this. >> leigh: you don't want to be wearing this. >> joanne: juicer, good, that's excellent. now i love avocado. >> leigh: i love avocado as well. >> joanne: it gives you this wonderful kind of richness and creaminess to the dish. so, we'll set this aside for our vinaigrette and now we'll work on the avocado. i like to take a big knife and what i do is i start on the top and i cut right around the pits. so, i cut from the top right to the pit. i go right around the outside and i meet it on the other side. great, that's perfect. >> leigh: okay.
Aug 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
this, i guess, sort of goes along with that 1,000 pounds of avocados that we use every week. i'm making such a small batch of guacamole for you that i didn't think that this was going to be the right implement, though this is what we use in the restaurant here at frontera. so i brought this old-fashioned potato masher from home, and i'm going to go in and mash, coarsely mash, the avocados. i like chunks of acovado in my guacamole. okay, so i'm going to set that to the side now while we talk about onion. and in mexico, it's always a white onion that they use, never a yellow onion. and i'm going to add just a small amount-- let's say about a quarter of this one right here-- and give it a fine dice. now i'm going to scoop that finely-diced white onion into a strainer and do what they call in mexico desflamando la cebolla, deflaming the onion. and i've put it into a little bit of water here. i'm going to add a little bit of vinegar. this is going to take the bite out of that raw onion. just whoosh it around a little bit and let it sit there while we prepare the other ingredients. now
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2